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   The impact crusher to perfuse new blood

Impact crusher equipment, it has the superior crushing ability, and it can achieve the highest output of 70 tons, the crushing equipment is designed by Vipeak heavy industry enterprise based on the characteristics of traditional impact crushing equipment, meanwhile we introduced foreign advanced technology into our equipments.
 Impact crusher,the main working parts, including the eccentric shaft, jaw teeth, conveyors, crushing chamber, nesting and insurance devices. When the ore material maximum feed size less than 350mm was put into the cavity, horizontally mounted in the rack above the eccentric shaft means, under the two high-speed flywheel drive, through the force of the conveyor belt to produce turn to jaw teeth, and then high speed spinning jaw teeth will enter the crushing chamber of ore material impact, crushing operations.
 Since Vipeak set up, our products have been exported around the world, tens of thousands of sets of production equipments has been installed in production lines, the impact crusher was designed by our engineers after a few days researching and field work.
 Vipeak impact crusher, from development to production, our scope involved metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory materials and other fields, and we combined the ore materials of coarse, medium and fine process, shortened the product line length for the general customers saving a large sum of cost of investment.
 If you want to know more about the vipeak impact crusher equipment types, impact crusher fine machining process and other issues, you can visit our website for detailed consultation.

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