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Home-news-Impact crusher is used widely in the following conditions
   Impact crusher is used widely in the following conditions

Impact crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and second crushing operations. It can be used for open pit surface rock crushing, mining ore, limestone. Impact crusher is used widely in the following conditionssuch as clay, iron ore, gold, copper ores and other mineral materials.
Metal mines: Impact crusher is used widely in a variety of gold and copper, lead zinc ore and some other metal mines. But other quantities mostly concentrated in the coal mines.
Coal mine: Coal is the largest customer of impact crusher equipment, accounting for about half of the total 111201392533ber of coal mines. The users are mainly new large coal mines in China.
Stone: Impact crusher machine is more suitable to be used in the gravel industry, especially the mobile crusher is more suitable for stone mining and processing. The car tire traction fully mobile crusher was adopted in the UK and other European countries.
Cement industry: Impact crusher is widely used in cement.
Non-metallic minerals: Impact crusher is more suitable to crush heavy clay ore, gypsum ore and other materials. This machine has no problem with clogging the feed port and discharge port.
Municipal Engineering: Impact Crusher can be used with the construction waste disposal equipment, and it also can be used to process waste and garbage, It can preliminary crush various of materials which difficult to crush, such as broken glass, tires and other items.

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