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  Impact Crusher
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Stone Crushing
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Stone Crushing
Mobile Crusher
  Jaw Crusher Series Mobile Crusher

Impact Crusher Series Mobile Crusher

Cone Crusher Series Mobile Crusher

YGFS Various Combined Crusher Series Mobile Crusher

YG938E69 type mobile primary crushing station
Mill Series
Production Line
Beneficiation Equipment

   Jaw Crusher Series Mobile Crusher Impact Crusher-product-Mobile Crusher

Features of main unit High crushing ratio, powerful crushing
unit components

1.Vibrating Feeder    2.Motor Of Feeder
3.Hopper Of Feeder    4.Jaw Crusher
5.Motor Of Jaw Crusher  6.Standard Belt Conveyor
7.Extended Belt Conveyor
1.Vibrating Feeder     2.Motor Of Feeder
3.Hopper Of Feeder     4.Jaw Crusher
5.Motor Of Jaw Crusher   6.Diesel Generating Set
7.Belt Conveyor

Specification and model of main unit

Length L1 Width B1
Height H1
Max. length L2(mm) Max. Height H2(mm) Max. widthB2 (mm)
Heigth of conveyor H3(mm) Wheel Weight
MG938E69 12500 2450 4000 13200 4600 3100 2700 Paratactic double axles 42
MG1142E710 14000 2450 4800 15000 5800 3300 2700 Paratactic tri- axle 55
MG1349E912 15500 3000 4800 17000 5800 3500 3000 Paratactic quarter- axle 72
Specification of vehicle: chassis height H4: 1720MM, Height difference between chassis and wheel H5: 380MM
Feeder Model Jaw crusher Model Belt conveyor Model
Extended conveyor Generator Capacity
MG938E69 GZD-960X380 PE600X900 B650X7M adapting adapting 70-150t/h 91.5KW
MG1142E710 GZD1100X4200 PE750X1060 B800X9M adapting adapting 80-200t/h 134KW
MG1349E912 GZD-1300X4900 PE900X1200 B1000X11M adapting adapting 150-300t/h 146KW
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