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   Impact Plates Impact Crusher-crusher parts
Impact plate is withstand to be plate hammer hit the impact of materials, so that material impact crusher and crushing, and willimpact plates impact the crushed material to bounce impact zone, again impact crushing to obtain the desired product size.
The impact plates have many forms, mainly are broken line and arc two class.Mansard impact plates can be in the counterattack plate on each point of materials is to approximate vertical direction of impact, thus can obtain optimum crushing effect.Circular back surface can make the material block consists of back plate bounce out, at the center of the circle area forming the fierce impact crushing zone, in order to increase the material free impact crushing effect.
Vipeak impact plates adopts a plate welding.The back surface is provided with a wear-resistant lining board, but also can be used to counter roller or grate plate.A slot in the back surface, the product of fine grained content is less, the production capacity can be increased, to save power consumption.But has the disadvantages of complex structure, difficult to replace the counterattack after wear, wear quickly and other defects.


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